Thailand Transit Visa

The Transit Visa of Thailand is a type of visa that is issued to persons who wants to enter Thailand for more than 12 hours. There are 3 types of visa based on the purpose of your visit to Thailand.

  • Category TS Visa

When you are just passing through Thailand or staying in Thailand airport for more than 12 hours to your country of destination, you are required to secure a Category TS visa.  You have to show proof of ticket to the destination country or to re-enter your own country.

  • Category S Visa

You are required to secure a Category S visa when you are participating in any sports events in Thailand. You will show the letter of invitation from Thailand and a letter from your organization that sent you for the said activity.

  • Category C Visa

When you are entering Thailand as the person responsible for a conveyance crew in any part of the country such as port, station and other areas, you are required to secure a Category C visa. You must present a letter from your organization and an invitation from Thailand.

The requirements for securing a visa is generally the same as when you get any other visa for Thailand except when the immigration officers or consular officers  require you to present additional documents as necessary.

  • completed and signed visa application form
  • One 3.5 x 4.5cm  recent passport-sized photograph
  • One set of passport photocopy page 1-5, renewal page, correction page & last Thai visa page if any.
  •  Valid Passport for not less than 6 months
  • The Airline ticket or confirmation slip with flight number and date of entry/exit
  • Proof of financial capability such as bank statement for the last 6 months or bank certification of insolvency to undertake the travel of $1000 per individual and $2000 per family
  • Photocopy of air ticket/printout of the booking.
  • Visa for the destination country or proof  in a passport or travel document for Category TS
  • Thailand’s invitation containing the participation of the applicant in the sports event in Thailand (Category S)
  • Seaman book and letter for person in charge of a conveyance crew coming to a port, station or area in Thailand for category C.

Below are additional guidelines and requirements for specific countries or country specific requirements for those citizens wishing to visit or pass through Thailand

  1. Nationals of Nigeria are required to provide 2 application forms and 2 photos
  2. Applicants from the following countries are required to provide 3 application forms and 3 photos:

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