Thailand Non Immigrant Visa B

Entering the Kingdom of Thailand with a non-immigrant visa B is allowed for business purposes. This type of Visa is issued by the Thai Government to foreign nationals who wish to do business in Thailand for a period of 90 days with an option for extension. The applicant can be granted extension for a maximum of one year provided the requirements for extension are complied with and shown to the consular officer for evaluation.

The Thai Government requires documents when you apply for a non-immigrant visa B for Thailand and here are the requirements:

  1. Duly accomplished and signed visa application form
  2. 3.5 x 4.5 cm recent passport-sized photo
  3. Valid Passport  for 6 months
  1. financial statement of the applicant
  1. Company related documents
  • Registration documents of the company in  Thailand
  • List of shareholders of the company in Thailand that is inviting the applicant
  • Copy of the business registration and license of the inviting company and certified by authorized director(s)
  • Company profile or brief
  • Business operation detailed information
  • List of company foreign workers with their names, nationalities and positions
  • Location map of the company
  • Financial statements: Balance sheet, statement of Income Tax and Business Tax
  • Alien income tax return
  • Registration of Value added Tax
  •  Letter from applicant’s company indicating reason for visit
  • Original Invitation letter from a company in Thailand that is written in the company’s letter head and signed by the authorized company representative.

There are also requirements that you need to comply when you apply for extension of your non-immigrant visa B such as Valid Non-B visa, proof of corporate formation, location map of work place with pictures of the building with address and logo of the company. A list of shareholders, personal income tax, financial status such as balance sheet, statement of income, Application form, copy of Applicants passport, copy of withholding tax, latest 3 months social security contributions, etc are required.

When there are required documents that cannot be produced by the applicant, a certification of the unavailability of the documents must be submitted in lieu of the needed documents.  Documents in languages other than English must be translated in Thai. If these documents were translated into English then it has to be notarized.

As always, the consular officers may require additional documents they deem necessary for the approval of your non-immigrant visa. They have the sole discretion to deny or approve your non-immigrant visa depending on your qualification.

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